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A well-structured team of experts

Certified digital marketing team delivering terrific results

Creating a comprehensive digital marketing team that fits in the definition of perfection was our goal and we’ve achieved it. Marketing Fundas has put together an efficient, hard-working, creative and dedicated team of digital marketing experts. The reason for the confidence of our venture is that we have the right people on our side. With planning, thinking and the creativity we’ve built an impactful squad that chooses the right path to achieve success.

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Traits that make our team a Dream Team

  • The world is moving with a rapid pace & our team can move with the speed of the digital industry.
  • Our team has a hunger for learning something that can contribute in their skill enhancement.
  • Their expertise will meet your requirements and help your business grow.
  • They have the ability to craft a brand that will keep the audience engaged with the brand.
Hitesh Gupta- Founder of Marketing Fundas

Mr. Hitesh Gupta

Founder of Marketing Fundas

The team of Marketing Fundas works under the guidance of Mr. Hitesh Gupta, who is the founder as well as a leader of the company. He has an aim to provide ethical services to the customers so they can get the best experience at Marketing Fundas. He has 12 years of rich experience in the IT Industry and with this experience, he’s got the ability to manage everything smoothly. Apart from building a powerful team of experts in his company, Mr. Hitesh Gupta is also helping the digital marketing career aspirants to achieve their dreams. With his YouTube channel, he is providing free guidance and training to the students who wish to become successful digital marketers. You can connect with Mr. Hitesh Gupta via LinkedIn and know more about him.

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Pivotal members of our team

Search Engine Optimization Experts

We have a team of SEO experts who have years of professional experience. The SEO experts in Marketing Fundas are constantly looking for challenges that can help them learn and upgrade their skills. Achieving SEO results require collective efforts involving expertise in technical SEO, on-page optimization and off-page optimization, strategic analysis of target audience and more. Strategies and planning can bring any project to the top rank. SEO is not a single dimension activity; an expert needs to approach all the angles to maximize the success of a website on Google organically. The SEO experts in our team have a well-rounded perspective and knowledge. They can work hard to push your website from the last page to the first page of Google.

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Social Media Optimization Experts

There are three most important people working in social media optimization team; content writer, graphic designer and SMO expert. We have a robust and responsible Social Media Optimization team that can help your brand grow on social media platforms. Our SMO team can help you engage with your audience on a personal level. If you are not happy with your social media presence, then our dedicated SMO team will combine their efforts to improve your presence and make it stronger than before.

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Search Engine Marketing Experts

Paid searching engine marketing is one of the most effective ways of gaining the most potential audience in a short span of time. To run successful search engine paid campaigns, the SEM experts play a major role. At Marketing Fundas, we have professional SEM experts with a keen eye on the goal. From planning to budgeting to setting realistic goals, our SEM experts can easily get the things done. Search Engine Marketing requires monitoring, updating, testing and optimizing, which can only be managed by the experts. Our SEM experts are the master of paid marketing on search engines.

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Social Media Marketing Experts

Being active on social media shapes and forms a valuable image of a brand. Social Media Marketing experts play a major role in any digital marketing company. SMM experts at Marketing Fundas have the ability to surprise the general public scrolling through their Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn and Twitter feed. They can design social media campaigns in an innovative way and make them relevant for the customers. Thinking out of the box is the ability of our SMO experts. They can help your page gain more and more followers with their creative way of marketing. After in-depth research and analysis, they target the most potential audience on social networking sites that drive growth and produce epic results.

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Content Writers

Content writing is one of the most challenging jobs. From writing campaigns to website content, content writers play a prime role in our company. Our content writers have the ability to adapt everything faster. With their strong research skills, our content writers can write effective content for your brand. They keep themselves updated with the latest writing trends and craft digital-friendly content for the businesses. They prioritize their job and with focus and ability, they get their job done promptly.

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Graphic Designing Experts

In the modern, competitive digital environment, the graphic designer plays a major role. In Marketing Fundas, every design is created by the most innovative & creative graphic designer team.  Our graphic designers have the ability to create impressive marketing material for business. From brochures to business cards to leaflets to websites, everything is designed by our creative in-house team of graphic designers. We can’t deny the fact that graphic designers are the backbone of our company.

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Web designing & developers

A website is the face of your business. It should attract potential customers and convince them to avail your services. We have a team of creative web designers and developers who have the ability to create the most interactive website for your business. Marketing Fundas is known for its creative team in Delhi NCR. Our expert web designers and developers are always ready to create fully functional, easy to use, innovative and interactive website for your business.

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Video creator and editors

The video has become one of the best ways for communicating with the audience on the internet. Being a digital marketing agency, it’s our duty to always come with something innovative that can surprise everyone. That’s why we’ve put together video creators and editors to create an innovative video development team. We have world-class video creators and editors that can develop the most appealing videos according to the industry of your business. Our team has a passion for building impressive and unique videos that can attract anyone easily.

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