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ORM Package

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Affordable ORM Package in Delhi

At, Marketing Fundas we are committed to bringing the latest yet most effective Digital Marketing techniques specifically tailored to get more traffic which will lead to sales and conversion. Any business in order to grow and sustain in the market needs to be consistent in revenue generation and with it comes values and employee experience. We help create that environment so that you can grow and achieve your business goals.

Value Any 1 Platform 20,000 INCLUDING TAX
Platinum Any 2 Platform 30,000 INCLUDING TAX
360 Degree Any 4 Platform 40,000 INCLUDING TAX
Initial Strategy
In Depth Phrases Targeted 1 2 3
In Depth Keyword Check
Content Marketing Strategy
Blog Writing & Posting
Article Writing & Posting
Clasified Writing & Posting
Guest Blog Writing & Posting
Social Bookmarkings
Business Profile Creation
Forum Submissions
Business Listing & Reviews
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Platform 1 2 3
Social Account Updation 1 2 3
Monthly Post Updation
Negitive Comment Removal
Phrases Monitered & Protected
Search Position Monitered
Status And Reporting
Monthly Activitiy Report
ORM Report
Email and Call Support

Our Impact Oriented SEO Approach

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