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Every brand deserves a dynamic reputation in the virtual world

Fix your brand’s online reputation

Online Reputation Management is essential to build a dynamic online reputation of your business. If you are concerned about negative reviews, comments and posts about your brand, then we can help in erasing them and creating a positive image of your brand. Marketing Fundas is a leading ORM agency in India that can keep complete control of your reputation in this vast and expanded online world. We have the best resources to control the overall image of your brand. Get ready to gain a huge following for your name just by harnessing your online reputation!

Online Reputation Management agency in Delhi

Measuring, Managing and Monitoring the reputation of your brand

  • Marketing Fundas is a leading Online Reputation Management agency that provides good publicity to your name, be it a brand name or celebrity name.
  • We combine our expertise and experience to protect and manage your reputation in this active online world.
  • We build, defend, shape and maintain your brand’s positive image with result-oriented ORM strategies.
  • We have an expert team of ORM professionals who examine your brand’s image and then make all the protective strategies to improve it.
  • We repair and reverse the negative reviews about your brand with quality ORM services.

Erase your brand’s negative past!

The online world is famous for creating and destroying brands. The internet is a vast space, which influences the overall growth and decline of a name. It works mysteriously and turns big brands into dust within minutes. Negative ratings, unauthorized hate reviews, negative media reporting and misinformation are only a couple of obstacles that businesses face in this online world. It is thus necessary for brands to protect and repair their name from negative feedbacks and reviews on the internet that tarnish their online reputation.

You should know that a customer with a grudge, unsatisfied services and damaged products can talk about your brand all over the internet and ruin your overall presence. By hiring an online reputation management team, you can fix the negative image of your name. Marketing Fundas is one of the best Online Reputation Management companies that help you overcome the negative image of your brand with ORM services. We combine digital marketing tactics and Public Relation to provide your brand with a positive web presence. We understand that it is impossible for the brands to manage their image while focusing on their business growth. We being the premier ORM service provider in India creatively improve the presence of your name with expert ORM strategies and activities.

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Airbrush those negative reviews with expert ORM services!

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Social Media demands professional content

Not sure, how to make your social media campaigns work? Let Marketing Fundas take the load off. Whether you need content for creative posts or tweets, we are here for you. Being a leading Social media content writing company in India, we’ve only employed qualified writers who can easily handle complex projects. Thousands of big & small companies trust us for the best content writing solutions. Our contents are the mix of Science, Art and Business. Whatever your business, we can develop creative, customized content that fits your needs. If you are still in doubt, then there are a lot more that you need to know about our ethics and principles.

The process that we follow to deliver the best ORM services

online reputation management

Brand Reputation Analysis

We at marketing Fundas initiate the process of online reputation management with the reputation analysis of a brand. We investigate your online brand reputation, market presence and competitors and then start the process of ORM. Our team analyzes everything about your brand online to make the process successful.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

ORM is not about countering negative reviews, posts and comments; it’s more about smartly managing everything with a plan and strategy. Any process can be successful if implements with the right plan and strategy.  Being a leading ORM service provider, we design a fool-proof strategy to manage, monitor and measure the online presence of your brand.

ORM Implementation

ORM Implementation

Once, the expert strategy and plan have been carved out, we put it into action. In order to make ORM successful, we combine multiple ORM activities including posting positive online feedback, publishing optimized press releases, negative review removal, posting positive customer reviews, removal of undesirable information and negative review replacement.

Online Branding Services

Online Branding

In order to improve your brand’s image in the market and optimize your brand positioning, we make smart use of social media platforms and search engines. There are multiple digital marketing tactics used for online branding. We being a leading ORM company in India build a strong, credible, and effective image of a brand with online branding.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Online Reputation Monitoring

After implementing all the strategies, we start monitoring your reputation too. Our ORM experts keep monitoring your web presence that alerts them as soon as they notice any unusual activity or issue that needs to be addressed.



Reporting is an integral part of the entire ORM cycle. We keep our reporting transparent and provide a comprehensive monthly report of ORM to our customers. Reporting helps our customer track the overall progress of the campaign. The clear ORM report empowers our customers with complete knowledge to validate the services we give.

Are you seeing negative conversations happening all around the internet about your brand?

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Why Marketing Fundas for Online Reputation Management?

  • Marketing Fundas is a reputed ORM agency in Delhi with a huge number of satisfied customers all over the nation.
  • Our team of certified ORM experts follows a unique methodology to deliver real-time results.
  • At Marketing Fundas, you’ll get cost-effective services the fetch higher Returns on Investment.
  • We keep our services transparent and provide a detailed monthly ORM report to our customers for their satisfaction.
  • We follow the latest trends and techniques to make every Digital Marketing campaign successful.
  • We protect, manage and monitor a brand’s image by practising expert ORM activities.

Erase all the negativity revolving around your brand name on the internet!
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